I tried to install the SharePoint Binaries on a Windows Server 2012 (with AutoSPInstaller)

Error in the log files was something like this:

[1824] 03/10/2015 15:09:05 MSI transaction rolled back.
[3532] Not showing completion dialog because it was not requested.
[3532] Catalyst execution finished: 03/10/2015 15:13:36.  Return code: 1603.
[3532] PERF: TickCount=453250 Name=RunSetup Description=End function

Googling the combination: “Catalyst execution finished 1603” gave me some hints for a corrupt office installation, but i never expected this to solve it.

The solution was to repair my Office 2013 Professional Plus installation. Afterwards the installation was able to continue.

Maybe someone was stuck in the same situation…

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